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1. I worked internally last year with administration on changing this policy and made very little headway as just 1 voice. This year at curriculum nights, I was informed that the policy was the same. I felt that I needed more voices on this issue and felt that a Petition […]

Why did I Start a Petition for Recess?

RECOMMENDATIONS From American Academy of Pediatrics There is a FULL 8 page document available here.( In their role as child health experts, the pediatricians of the AAP stress the following perspective to parents, teachers, school administrators, and policy makers: Recess is a necessary break in the day for optimizing a […]

Research on RECESS removal

RECESS!   Don’t we all have memories of Monkey Bars and Swings? Competing with friends, scraping knees and elbows, negotiating the rules of the made-up game?  Sadly our children may not. Many schools are eliminating or minimizing recess time despite RESEARCH that clearly shows it’s beneficial. Here’s the thing – […]

Please don’t take away my Recess!

1st – its normal development, but that doesn’t make it less annoying to parents! Kids tattle because they are developing a sense of right and wrong.  Children’s worlds are often black and white, and they don’t know how to problem solve all of the gray social situations that occur in […]


As the school year begins and we watch our young ones sport their backpacks and shiny new shoes, we know things have changed.  But we also expect the littlest ones in our lives to be resilient to change and adapt easily when changes occur.  Sadly, this isn’t always the case. […]


My Meatball will be turning 8 this month.  He still needs a lot of physical affection (It’s his love language.) but he is asking for it in different ways than he used to.  As an infant he was the “clingy” one. The baby you couldn’t put down. He would sometimes […]

Hold them forever!