As the school year begins and we watch our young ones sport their backpacks and shiny new shoes, we know things have changed.  But we also expect the littlest ones in our lives to be resilient to change and adapt easily when changes occur.  Sadly, this isn’t always the case. […]


My Meatball will be turning 8 this month.  He still needs a lot of physical affection (It’s his love language.) but he is asking for it in different ways than he used to.  As an infant he was the “clingy” one. The baby you couldn’t put down. He would sometimes […]

Hold them forever!

We have a HOMESTEAD.  A mini-farm.  Come visit.  We’re as good as any petting zoo. And WE have a trampoline! So kids helping with chores, in the house and outside, are important.  There’s just too much for my husband and I to do alone. Plus we want them to have […]

How to get your Kids to HELP!

We went camping last weekend.  This isn’t something new.  We’ve camped before, plenty.  We hike a lot.  We play outside EVERY day. We are OUTDOORSY people. My kids will catch frogs and fireflies. They hunt worms for fishing and bait their own hooks. But Lord Help us if we come […]

4 Things to Do When Your Child is Scared!

It’s the eve of my birthday. A time for reflection over the past year. Here’s what I’m thinking about. Failure.   Over the past year I’ve failed. Miserably.  Many Many times! I did 21 day fix and rocked it.  Then started coaching and quit after 8 weeks. I have gone […]


Miss thought of this idea of Fan Mail. (She’s 10!) It’s FANTASTIC and ORIGINAL and melts this mommy’s heart. I’m a social worker (and proud of it!) and nothing is drilled into us more than STRENGTHS based. As in, find the good about your client and go from there. It’s how […]

Fan Mail

OMG!  My first blog. What to write?  Hmm.. About me..  Mom of 2 (Miss age 10 and Meatball age 7). Wife of Jon, jack of all trades, currently a farmer guy.  I work Full-time as an Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant which means I help child care providers with challenging […]

Hello world!