Happy Daylight Savings Time. That’s right, it the time of the year that all parents hate!  Spring or Fall it doesn’t matter, because hour more/less of sleep means NOTHING to us parents! NOTHING! I worked hard to get a bedtime routine down with my kids. Truly, a routine helps […]

Sleep little darlings!

I met with my principal, Mr. Bradshaw and the special ed administrator to discuss further steps and how to implement more positive strategies and minimize using recess as a punishment. Teachers and staff were asked to self-report recess removal during a 2 week time frame. The data was not surprising […]

Recess Removal update

Okay – So, just in case you catch me in public with my 2 in tow and I’ve lost all patience, I’m not PERFECT at this NOT yelling thing.  I’m still a work in progress.  I am, however, MUCH better than I used to be. Let’s talk about the bad […]

How I Stopped Yelling at my Kids!

Seriously,  to all the moms (and dads and other caregivers) of 3 year olds – I hold up my coffee in salute to you. Your job is HARD! 3 year olds are HARD to live with.  (Yes, teens are too, but Let’s FOCUS here). Convo with a 3 year old […]

3 year olds are CRAZY!

   FACTS about Spanking. Is associated with increased aggression, depression, anxiety, and delinquent behaviors. (Apr 2016 study) It reduces gray matter in the brain.  Our pre-frontal cortex (where we make good “adult” choices) develops slower and is smaller if we were spanked a lot as a child. (Gray Matter 2009) The […]

Spanking and what else to do.

1. I worked internally last year with administration on changing this policy and made very little headway as just 1 voice. This year at curriculum nights, I was informed that the policy was the same. I felt that I needed more voices on this issue and felt that a Petition […]

Why did I Start a Petition for Recess?

1st – its normal development, but that doesn’t make it less annoying to parents! Kids tattle because they are developing a sense of right and wrong.  Children’s worlds are often black and white, and they don’t know how to problem solve all of the gray social situations that occur in […]


We have a HOMESTEAD.  A mini-farm.  Come visit.  We’re as good as any petting zoo. And WE have a trampoline! So kids helping with chores, in the house and outside, are important.  There’s just too much for my husband and I to do alone. Plus we want them to have […]

How to get your Kids to HELP!

We went camping last weekend.  This isn’t something new.  We’ve camped before, plenty.  We hike a lot.  We play outside EVERY day. We are OUTDOORSY people. My kids will catch frogs and fireflies. They hunt worms for fishing and bait their own hooks. But Lord Help us if we come […]

4 Things to Do When Your Child is Scared!

Miss thought of this idea of Fan Mail. (She’s 10!) It’s FANTASTIC and ORIGINAL and melts this mommy’s heart. I’m a social worker (and proud of it!) and nothing is drilled into us more than STRENGTHS based. As in, find the good about your client and go from there. It’s how […]

Fan Mail