Hey What’s been happening with Recess? Well – LOTS – behind the scenes.  I have met with Mr. Bradshaw and Jennifer Killion (special ed admin) and we’ve brainstormed and put into place a few things.  And a social work intern has taken this on as a research project – so […]

Recess Update – April

I met with my principal, Mr. Bradshaw and the special ed administrator to discuss further steps and how to implement more positive strategies and minimize using recess as a punishment. Teachers and staff were asked to self-report recess removal during a 2 week time frame. The data was not surprising […]

Recess Removal update

1. I worked internally last year with administration on changing this policy and made very little headway as just 1 voice. This year at curriculum nights, I was informed that the policy was the same. I felt that I needed more voices on this issue and felt that a Petition […]

Why did I Start a Petition for Recess?