Fan Mail 1

Miss thought of this idea of Fan Mail. (She’s 10!)

It’s FANTASTIC and ORIGINAL and melts this mommy’s heart.

I’m a social worker (and proud of it!) and nothing is drilled into us more than STRENGTHS based.

As in, find the good about your client and go from there.

It’s how I live now. I see GOOD

(yes I see the obstacles too, but we don’t focus on those).

I truly believe you get more of what you focus on.  Focus on the good!

Back to my darling Miss’s idea of Fan Mail.

You write a letter/note and mail it to someone just because.

She put this in her “bored” jar

(I should probably blog that too, essentially its a jar with ideas of what to do when you’re bored).

Well.  Its fantastic!

Her brother, Meatball is 7. Normally you ask and she’ll respond.

“He’s annoying. He farts and burps and invades my personal space.”  (all true)





I mean, Can you feel the melty-ness?  Mommy’s a melty puddle now.  I love them so MUCH! and they LOVE eachother.

She thought that giving nice notes would just be a fun way to deal with boredom.

Seriously one of my goals of making it through this parenting thing is that they stay friends

-LIFELONG FRIENDS.  That they help each other ALWAYS!

OMG!  Start sending Fan Mail to your kids – and hopefully you’ll get some BACK!

(or they’ll give some to eachother and you can melt too!)

Share some with me (via facebook) or email.  I would love to see what your kids did!


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One thought on “Fan Mail

  • Abby

    Love his idea! We started a mailbox for Our son during all the moves so he would always have a place to get feel good letters, but we just called it mail (how unoriginal!) now I have a new word for it!