Individual Consultations are available. These are done via Skype or phone call.  We discuss goals, obstacles and how YOU as the parent will need to make changes in order to help your child. In order to streamline our phone call, you need to complete an Intake form before we schedule an appointment.  Contact me on how to do all this.

Group presentations, Workshops, Parenting Classes are also available.  Rates vary based on audience size, travel required, and more.  Please contact me for more information.

LCSW Supervision is also available.  Social Work is a hard and noble profession.  If you are getting your license and would like to have reflective supervision to help prepare you for the long road ahead.  Please contact me.

Webinars will be coming soon.  I realize that distance and online learning is the wave of the future.  I am trying to learn the technology to make this all happen.  Please be patient with my learning curve. Technology is not what I am most passionate about, but I want to make this happen so I will. (See what I did there?  Yup.  Now you can hold me accountable.)


Here is how you can Contact me!