Why did I Start a Petition for Recess? 1

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1. I worked internally last year with administration on changing this policy and made very little headway as just 1 voice. This year at curriculum nights, I was informed that the policy was the same. I felt that I needed more voices on this issue and felt that a Petition was the most practical way to do this. I did not intend to “blindside” or “insult” anyone. This has been a long process behind the scenes that few were made aware of until now.

2. It is, IN MY OPINION, (which you are welcome to disagree with) the RIGHT thing to do for ALL kids. It is supported by research and consider a best practice in education.

3. My GOAL is to support our children in having the BEST education. Our teachers are GREAT. They are responsive, care deeply about the kids, and work very hard. This is NOT an attack on them. This petition is asking them to consider changing to a different consequence. Many classrooms do not use recess removal. Many use it very infrequently. Clearly these teachers have other tools and techniques. I am NOT going to get into what to do instead because at this point, coming from me is NOT a good idea. I would love to see teachers collaborate on how to make this change.

4. If your child has an IEP (special ed plan)- you have every right to include this in an IEP.

If you would like to support me in this sign on. Petition for FULL recess

If not, please know that I am already debating this in a Facebook¬†community group and I simply don’t have the energy to do that here too! Sorry.

Also Рfeel free to check out my RESEARCH and my initial post with ALTERNATIVES

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